"Cobalt Blue" Tealight Burner

Reference: L-440C.BLUE


"Cobalt Blue" Tealight Burner



Sense Aroma Tealight Warmers (TEALIGHT NOT INCLUDED)

Sense Aroma Tealight Burners are here to liven up a forgotten classic. Featuring elaborate and quirky designs, each individual burner is an eye catcher for sure!

The beauty of these decorative pieces is the non-techno element of them. We're going back in time, where the simplest of things made us the happiest. Tapping into an era that seems worlds away from the technology and advancement age we currently live in. It's not always about moving forward, but cherishing the moments of the past that are able to keep us grounded and humble of where we once came. 

The spectacularly simple design features a deep plate for your fragrance to have plenty of room to properly aromatise and disperse the scent into the room. 

Standing at 14cm tall, this item can be placed virtually anywhere!

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