All our electric and tea light burners/warmers come from leading & reputable suppliers and we follow their guidance on the products.

Switching on and off

When switching on your burner on a touch-sensitive model, do not tap it to the highest setting quickly, do this slowly waiting a few seconds between each tap, this will prevent the bulb from blowing from a surge of electricity.

Do not turn your burner off straight at the socket, make sure you tap it off first, then switch off at the plug &visa versa when turning on.

Removing/changing bulbs

The bulbs for our electric burners are G9 40w (We sell these separately)

When removing the bulbs they push in and pull out. They do not need to be screwed.

When changing the bulb please try and avoid skin contact with the bulb as the oil in the skin shortens the life of the bulb.

Removing used wax

To remove used wax we recommend waiting until the wax has fully melted then pushing lightly on one edge to remove the wax, the wax should pop straight out.

Our preferred way of removing wax is slightly heating it for no more than 15 seconds and then pushing it slightly and it will pop out very easily, then it can be discarded.

Please do not use any sharp objects to scrape the wax out, this may cause your dish/burner to crack or the glass may smash.

Faulty burners

If your burner is faulty please make us aware in the first instance.

We can offer a full refund or exchange for up to 30 days if the burner is returned. Should it become faulty after 30 days, we would need it to be returned and we can offer an exchange or credit voucher.

We cannot offer a refund or exchange on accidental damage for instances such as removing the wax with a sharp object causing the glass to break.

Our policies reflect our suppliers.