"Glistening Glass" La-Tee-Da! Effusion Lamp

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La-Tee-Da! Glistening Glass - effusion lamp


La-Tee-Da! fragrance lamp, catalytic lamp or effusion lamp

Handmade fragrance lamp - colours and design may slightly vary from lamp to lamp

Holds about 10 ounces of fragrance oil

Size is approximately 5.5" x 4.5"

Stone-wick included

Snuffer Cap included

Metal decorative shade included

Funnel included

La-Tee-Da! fragrance lamps effectively eliminate unwanted and stubborn odours caused by pets, smoking, or cooking. La-Tee-Da effusion lamps use a special process invented in France many years ago. Unlike regular candles or oil lamps, instead of spreading the fragrance with an open flame, La Tee Da lamps use a uniquely designed stone and wick that burns alcohol-based fuel that is fragrance enriched. This fuel burns using a special catalytic process that creates a combustion that is only one third the temperature of that of a candle.

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